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Mindtree helps European telecom OEM deliver IoT and customer care transformation to supercharge smart city rollouts for Singapore


Client overview

客户端是一个leading communications solution provider of mobile and fixed network infrastructure. The client provides software services and solutions to telecom operators, governments, and large enterprises.

The client offers a range of IoT products, including management platforms, edge computing components, and other professional services. This IoT platform supports various connectivity infrastructures, including NB-IoT, LTE-M, and LoRa, and allows operators to monitor, configure, provision, and diagnose different connected devices in the network, including gateways, remotely.

Business context

Millions of smart sensors and connected devices will become online in the years ahead as IoT becomes a must-have in a digital world.

Singapore's Smart Nationprogram includes a wide range of IoT initiatives to improve security and improve transport planning through real-time tracking of traffic congestion and pedestrian footfall.

In line with the nation's vision, Singapore's operators are building IoT solutions to leverage the availability of machine intelligence and data analytics to bring in new smart solutions in metering, parking, locking, robotics, public safety, connected buildings, etc.

Client business challenges

  1. Transition from M2M and introduce IoT use cases and applications towards connected living, vehicles, and buildings.
  2. Manage millions of endpoints.
  3. Lack of an integrated platform that connects associated devices and services.
  4. Integration of IoT and customer care transformation products.
  5. Rollout of IoT services towards the government's vision of a smart nation.

Solution highlights

  1. Mindtree had the required expertise and understanding of the telecom domain to customize and integrate the IoT platform and customer care transformation products and provide a unified IoT portal.
  2. End-to-end ownership from solution design and development to testing and deployment.
  3. The program was executed in a unique work package model, with Mindtree taking full ownership of delivery.

Client benefits

  1. 30K+ IoT devices managed
  2. Enabled faster IoT plan rollouts and services
  3. Provided a single dashboard to manage devices
  4. Enabled the client to introduce new IoT use cases in Smart Home, Smart Asset Tracker, and Smart Utilities.

Technologies used:

ReactJS, Java, Spring Boot, Java Persistence API (JPA), and HTML 5.

Customer accolades

"Congratulations, team, for achieving the go-live on time. It has been challenging, and I know how much hard work every team member has gone through in the last few months to reach here. Well done, everyone. Please pass on the compliments to everyone on the team, as it has been a true team effort. Looking forward to many such achievements."-Director of Customer Experience, Client's org

"As the project comes very near to a conclusion, let me personally thank all of you for the effort, long hours, weekend overtime that you have put in in order to deliver this project. I had the pleasure to meet some of you personally, some I only hear the voice through online meetings, and some I have not met at all, but nevertheless, all efforts are appreciated. :)"-Systems Planner at Singapore-based telecom carrier

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