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AI.-powered solution customized for a next-generation asset intelligence company


客户是一个与之合作的下一代资产智能公司银行, asset managers and other金融服务。客户提供基于客户交易,风险的能力,情况,推断偏好,投资组合,股权性能数据和市场信号的投资机会对投资机会的自定义洞察。客户的愿景将尽可能多地洞察投资者作为资产顾问。manbetx为此,客户希望开发一个AI平台,为投资者和顾问提供通过在遵守合规性要求的同时通过多种资产类别进行定制的机构级研究。manbetx

鉴于客户的目标,有必要获得对客户需求和偏好的完整和完美理解。为了这,Mindtreeengaged with the client’s users to develop an AI-powered solution. Simultaneously, a quant model using investment algorithms was built into a third party cognitive platform to deliver market research and insights. An orchestration platform to manage containerized models and APIs to support auto scaling, rolling updates, rollbacks, etc., was put in place. A Single Thread Delivery Framework was used to accelerate speed-to-market and ensure seamless delivery. Ease-of-use and customer experience were improved via a mobile interface, social login and Alexa that were integrated into the solution.


  • Proprietary cognitive platform
  • MongoDB.
  • Kubernetes
  • iOS.
  • 使用Docker&Jenkins的CI / CD
  • alexa.

Mindtree delivered the AI solution using a team size of 15+, leveraging its global experience in AI-based analytical engines and personalization platforms across industries .
Mindtree’s expertise in AI and its deep domain experience helped craft a cost-effective solution for personalized wealth advisories and reduced time-to-market. By coaxing personalized insight out of customer and financial data using AI, the client created a significant differentiator.

The solution was also aligned with regulatory requirements while delivering maximized returns from trading strategies.


  • Time taken to analyze customer needs reduced from a week to a few hours, allowing faster time-to-market
  • 降低资本支出和内部研究成本
  • 可靠的AI供电决策,帮助投资者在投资组合分配和重新平衡方面manbetx


Mindtree is a recognized Innovator in Avasant’s Applied Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Services RadarView™ Click on Link to Access Report:

AI.powered asset intelligence

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